Brexit, Covid and social enterprise

Brexit, Covid and social enterprise

Social enterprises by their very nature are resilient and overcome obstacles, through their dynamic and varied forms of action; driven by their social power, their members and the need for innovative social change. In times of Brexit and Covid these virtues are in strong demand. A growing lack of empathy was noticeable in British society. People are slowly beginning to realize (again) that their neighbours problems are ultimately their own.

A promise of economic growth and a better standard of living through Brexit has turned out to create more hardship. People are disillusioned with big politics and turn away from the TV. There is a re-emerging social support within the country strengthening social fabric. Food banks and sharing points have an increased importance in the community. So have the drivers, service providers and health care workers also increased their position within the community.

Covid, as in all countries, has not just harmed the people, but also widened the gaps between rich and poor within the society. The young and the youth especially have suffered through social isolation and have accustomed themselves to a new world of masks and restrictions. The virus highlighted to them and the society at large, that life cannot just return to the way it used to be.

Social Enterprise International, through its various projects and initiatives is working with youth to make sure that the next generation knows better about social business, people and the planet. We train, built and consult school enterprises and educate educators about innovative education methods to create student run social businesses in their communities. 

2022 will be a year in which the ESEN project will be rolled out for everyone in the UK, Europe and the world. Another corner stone for communities to use, to become more resilient and welcoming to new things. It is exciting to observe how social enterprises in the UK make a real difference in healing the damage done by Brexit and Covid. The ESEN project is proud to be part of this social change!