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Regional Forum of the Third Sector
The forum deals with consultation with the Region of Umbria and local authorities - promotion, coordination and development of Territorial Forums - participation in territorial EQUAL - debates and conferences.

Relevant Trainings

The course is divided into two main parts. The first part examines theoretical issues on the following topics: failures of the First and Second sector. The second part analyzes the role of the social enterprise, its aims and strategies, pros and cons.

Good and Bad Practices


Pellicano Onlus

Was founded in 1997, in Perugia, as a creative act of a group of patients and former patients

Nuova Dimensione

The Cooperativa Nuova Dimensione was founded in 1981, and in 1989 it became a member of Confocooperative Umbria.

Frontiera Lavoro

The social cooperative Frontiera Lavoro was founded in December 2001 following a company spin-off from the social cooperative Nuova Dimensione.


COAT Centro Orientamento Ausili Tecnologici was born at the beginning of 1999 as one of the actions of the HORIZON Project "Domus" promoted and implemented by the Municipality of Trevi in the framework of the D.G.V. community initiative "Employment and enhancement of human resources" promoted by the European Social Fund and the Region of Umbria

CIS Creare Innovazione Sociale - Società Consortile a responsabilità limitata - Impresa Sociale

"C.I.S " designs, develops and promotes social innovation projects, through the introduction and application of technological aids. C.I.S. supports innovative projects for disadvantaged people and/or people with physical or mental disabilities, in order to improve their living conditions through research and development of ideas in the field of social technologies.

National Policies and Strategies

Legislative Decree n.112/2017
This Legislative Decree introduces and regulates the creation of Impresa Sociale establishing that it is a private entity that carries out on a stable and principal basis a business activity of general interest, non-profit and for civic, solidarity and social utility purposes.