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Athens Cooperatives Network
Supports network members, the promotion of collaborative ventures within society, and collectives that want to start such ventures.

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MSc (120 ECTS) on SSE

Good and Bad Practices


Support Structure for the development of the Social Economy in Crete ʺKRI.K.O.S.ʺ

This support structure of Social Economy focuses firstly on providing support to the unemployed people to enter on the labour market by developing entrepreneurial activity in the social economy, and secondly on providing support to members of existing social cooperatives to retain their jobs and further develop their activities

Created by the Training and Research Centre of the Prefecture of Magnesia (KEKANAM SA) and operates as a separate

The “Centre for Support and Certification of Social Enterprises” aims to provide a certification mark to social enterprises for making them recognisable by the general public.

Social Co-operative with Limited liability (Koi.S.P.E.)

Social cooperative of the Dodekanissa Islands’ is a social Co‐ operative with Limited liability (Koi.S.P.E.), which is located on Leros Island and it is the first cooperative with this particular legal framework has established in Greece. Leros is a small island in the south‐eastern part of the Aegean Sea, the economic life of which has been, for decades, closely linked with the existence of the large public mental health hospital. The hospital remains, even today, the largest employer on the island. At the same time the differentiation of the islandʹs economy is confronted with its geographical isolation and with serious difficulties in any attempts for integration into the national and international markets of both products and services.


The activity area of KoinSEp ""GI THESSALIS"" is the marketing of quality fruit and vegetable products & aromatic plants that are cultivated exclusively by its members, which will be certified and will have been produced with environmentally friendly procedures. ""GI THESSALIS"" aims at the social and professional integration of vulnerable population groups from the Kallikratikos Municipalities of Larissa and Kileler.

Syn-Eirmos NGO of Social Solidarity

Syn-Eirmos NGO of Social Solidarity was founded in 2005 and is active in the fields of social solidarity, social economy, welfare and wellbeing of adults and children. In particular, the organization aims to support the activities of local communities, local governments, cooperation initiatives, collective social actors and volunteers.

National Policies and Strategies

Constitution of Greece, 1864
Article 11 of the Constitution
It provides for the right to cooperate: "Greeks have the right to form associations, observing the laws of the state"